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Aerosol Spray

Omnilube (Multipurpose Maintenance Spray)

A powerful, multi-duty aerosol. Its superior penetrating action cuts through dust and rust enabling rust locked parts to be opened easily. It displaces moisture, lubricates and protects from rusting.

Omni Clean

A special cleaning and degreasing formulation. It cuts through oil, grease and other contaminants, leaving the part absolutely clean. Its excellent metal wetting properties penetrating the innermost surfaces of the components.

Omni Clean - Lite

A mild & effective cleaner for printed circuit boards & electronic components/equipment. Removes contaminants, flux & other surface impurities. Leaves no residue & evaporates quickly.

Conta Clean

A pure, non-residue, non-flammable cleaner for off-line cleaning of electrical contacts and precision instruments. Removes grease, oil, moisture, dust and other contaminants. Prevents minor malfunctions due to such contaminants and improve the performance and reliability of the equipment.

CC- Online

A special cleaner formulated for use in live circuits. Removes grease, oil, moisture, dust and other contaminants. Helps prevent failures and minor malfunctions and improve the performance and reliability of the equipment.

SILKFUBE-30 Low friction lubricant A.P.T.F.E.

polymer based heavy duty lubricant formulated with a high viscosity base fluid. Has good adhesive property & provides extremely low coefficient of friction, smooth running, reduced friction and saving of power.

PCB Guard

A clear, transparent coating for protection of printed circuit boards, it dries quickly & protects form dust, contaminants, moisture, etc. The film allows solderability of components for minor repair / assembly.

RPS -137

Heavy Duty Anti-corrosion coating A unique formulation which leaves a waxy, adherent film on the applied surface. Prevents rusting of the parts on which it is applied. Its tenacious and clinging nature of the film gives long term protection to the parts against rusting H.F.T. Dry Film Rust Preventive A high quality, economical dry film type rust preventive spray containing special soluble corrosion inhibitors. It gives a quick-drying hard film on the surface which protects from rusting and provides better abrasion resistance compared to other types of rust preventives.

Spinnerette Lube

Spray Special, heat-stabilized, silicone fluid based spray for spinnerettes. Has excellent thermal stability and lubricity. Offers long term release action & effective cleaning, reduces thread breakage at high temperatures.

MRS -100 (Silicone Spray)

Silicone fluid based anti-stick and mould release agent. Economical and versatile. Clear & non-staining, easily penetrates all crevices of moulds, providing increased output and superior finish to articles.


(Belt Dressing Spray) A fast drying spray which gives a tacky film on the belt. It prevents slippage, improves power transmission, wear life and resistance to age-hardening and cracking. Keep the belt flexible and stops squeaking. 0347 (Synthetic Chain Spray) Fully synthetic oil spray for high temperature and moderate load applications. Has excellent lubricity, low violability and protects against rust. Extends re-lubrication intervals. Does not form of gummy and varnish like residual deposits.

Long life Lube

Adhesive spray LUBE Tacky, mineral based heavy duty formulation for lubrication of highly loaded industrial equipment. Does not drip off and provides a continuous, heavy duty lubricating film Gives good lubricity and protection against rust.

Molywet Spray (Wet Moly Spray)

Extreme Pressure Lubricating oil with MOS2 Lubrication of cams bearings, gears, pins, chains, sliding or mating parts springs, cam followers, slides. As a high Speed, Anti wear and anti friction lubricant for sliding parts in textile machinery such as Autoconer Mechanisms.

Zinkote (Zinc Spray)

Cold galvanizing formulation containing micronized zinc particles in a special air drying carrier resin. Protects errous components against corrosion.