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Coating Products

MCS - 56 (Synthetic Chain Spray)

Fully synthetic oil spray for high temperature and moderate load applications. Has excellent lubricity, low violability and protects against rust. Extends re-lubrication intervals. Does not form of gummy and varnish like residual deposits.

Two Wheeler Chain LUBE

Spray A semi- synthetic, transparent fluid for application in two-wheeler chains. Penetrates the deepest crevices of the chains, leaving a highly tacky film having excellent film strength properties, giving it long operational life.

Tefbond -30

Low friction lubricant A.P.T.F.E. polymer based heavy duty lubricant formulated with a high viscosity base fluid. Has good adhesive property & provides extremely low coefficient of friction, smooth running, reduced friction and saving of power.


Copper Antiselze Spray Copaseize A Versatile antiseize spray containing pure copper. Prevents metal-to-metal contact, protects against seizures, self-welding and distortion. Helps on-destructive assembly and disassembly at extreme temperatures (Up to 1100C).


Moly Antiselze Spray A MoS, based antiseize compound with a high MoS, content. Has a very high load bearing capacity and excellent resistance to chemical attacks. Protects against galling, seizure and old welding of parts. Allows for a higher tightening torque. Gives low friction protection against stick-slip and frictional wear.

DRYBOND-100 (Bonded PTFE Spray)

A P.T.F.E. polymer based dry lubricant spray containing pure, micronized PTFE in an air drying carrier resin. It bonds on to the metal surface and forms a film which reduces friction, prevents galling and seizure, stick-slip fretting and metal-to-metal contact.

SPRAY - 87 (Dry Moly Spray Dry Lubrication for width adjusting Spindles)

Suspension of microsize molybdenum disulphite in aerosol form. It gives instant dry lubricating film which is chemically stable and provides very good antiwear properties gives long operational.

FPM - 100 (Free flowing powder dry film Lubricant)

Low coefficient of friction. Effective for lubrication under vacuum & radioactive conditions. Chemically inert and resistant to solvents steams heat and liquid Oxygen.

Spinnerette Lube

Non-Staining Synthetic lubricant cum cleaner for texttile machinery parts such as scissors and cutting mechanisms of knotters splicers Cleans dirt dust fluff and provides a non staining anti static mild lubricating film for reducing wear and friction.