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JETEX SGO SERIES (Semi-synthetic Gear Oils)

JETEX Gearlubes are semi-synthetic gear oils formulated with latest additive technology with friction modifiers to provide high performance, long life and energy saving properties, which are not available from conventional lubricating oils. In additionit has got anti-foaming, demulsibility and E.P. Additives foe heavy duty lubrication. These oils are available in wide range of viscosity (68 cst – 1000 cst) for multipurpose applications.

Method of Application

Enclosed Gear drives, Windmills, Transmission chains, Heavily loaded low speed antifriction bearing, Centralised lubrication systems. As a running-in-oil for OEMs Heavy duty Earth moving and Excavating equipments.

JETEX HLO SPECIAL (Multifunctional Oil)

This is a semi-synthetic high performance lubricating oil specially developed to provide long term lubrication, reduced wear and tear, wide temperature range and virtually no carbon deposits. It is fortified with anti-corrosive, anti-oxidant, and E.P. Additives with friction modifiers making it suitable for versatile applications such as compressor, hydraulic, gear and machinery oil.

Method of Application

For Lubrication in Hydraulic Systems, Garage compressors Lightly loaded gears, gear trains Cam and Cam followers, Guideways and Slideways, Centralised Lubrication systems etc.

JETEX SCO HT (High Temperature Chain Oil)

A fully synthetic chain oil specially designed for lubrication of conveyor chains to provide high temperature antiwear erformance. This synthetic oil does not leave any carbonaceous deposits causing wear and tear. Due to very low friction they reduce the power (current) requirement of chain drivers. This oil is ideally suitable for high temperature and longer duration applications than conventionally used chain oils.

Method of Application

All types of transmission chains operating under heavy loads and high temperature like Stenter chains, conveyor chains, Powder coating machines, Bearings of paint oven and furnaces etc.

JETEX EPS -10 (Synthetic Spindle Oil)

This is a fully formulated Synthetic Spindle Oil especially designed for the lubrication of spindles blended with antirust and antistatic additives to provide long life and extremely low friction performance. It is a non- staning synthetic oil which does not leave any carbonaceous deposit. Due to its excellent lubricity it reduces the power requirement of high speed spindle drives.

Method of Application

In Spindle bolsters or Ring frames, Doublers. TFOs in Textile Industry for lubrication of high speed bearings and grinding spindles.

JETEX - DRYBOND – 100 (Dry Film Lubricant)

These are silicone based fluids (viscosity 5 cst to 3 lac cst) possessing excellent dilectrical properties which remain unchanged over a frequency range of 60Hz to 10GHz. These fluids are designed to absorb heat and vibrations and they are high moisture repellent making lubricants operating under a wide temperature range.


As a dielectric in Transformers, Capacitors Filter network, and High voltage power suppliers. As a coolant in Magnetrons, Klystrons and other heat producing electronic devices. As a damping fluid in dash pots of time delay relays and cradle addopter of A.C. Winding machines, As a lubricant for Metal, rubber and Plastic surfaces, Clocks, Switches, Televison turner contacts and other electronic devices. of gas pumping units.

JETEX CG – 300 (Multipurpose Graphite Grease)

specially designed and formulated for the Lubrication of Sinkers and Needles of Knitting Machines to provide Long Life and extremely Low frication performance. It is Non-Staining Synthetic Oil which does not leave any carbonaceous deposits, and due to its excellent lubricity, it reduces the power consumption and operating temperature of a machine. Its mild Antistatic and Antirust properties make it suitable for use in High Speed Knitting, Texturizing and Winding machinery employed in textile and Polymer Industries. It is fully Scourable and does not Leave any Stains whatsoever after the fabric is washed. It does not damage the paints or rubber and plastic parts used in knitting machines or affects the electrical controls of the machine.


It is very much suitable for any brand or make such as (Terrot, Fukuhara, Orizio, Monarch, Camber, Vangaurd and Mayer etc.) types(Circular & Linear) of kintting machiens.