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MOLYKOTE® D-321 R Anti-Friction Coating


For metal/metal combinations with slow to medium fast movements and high loads. Suitable for the permanent lubrication of highly stressed sliding guides with low sliding speeds, oscillating movements or intermittent operation. Used for improving the running-in process and for lubrication under high vacuum and at extreme temperatures. Used successfully for cylinder-head bolts, toaster guides, car mirror adjustment mechanisms, high voltage switches, for the running-in of highly stressed gear wheel. Emergency lubricant for parts of the rotor head of wind energy installations and for groove-free cold extrusion of steel.

How to use

Surface preparation

First, clean and degrease the surface that will be coated with MOLYKOTE® D-321 R Anti-Friction Coating. Phosphatization or sandblasting (180 grit) increases the adhesion and service life.

How to apply

Stir MOLYKOTE® D-321 R Anti-Friction Coating thoroughly before applying by spraying or brushing

Drying Time

After 5 minutes at 23°C, the applied film of MOLYKOTE® D-321 R Anti-Friction Coating is touch-dry; this process time can be reduced to 1 minute by exposing the coated part to hot air at 80°C.

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