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MOLYKOTE® G-N PLUS Solid Lubricant Paste


Press-fit production of all types of machine elements, as a running-in lubricant for new machines and gearboxes. Permanent lubrication of machine elements that are moved only rarely or slightly and also for drilling, sawing and thread cutting. Used successfully for lubricating threaded spindles, splined shafts, toothed gears, worm and transmission gears, screws, valves, pumps, and machine-tool guides and also for the tightening and fitting of roller bearings, washers, wheels, flanges and bolts.

Features & benefits

  • • High load-carrying capacity
  • • Low coefficient of friction
  • • Prevents frictional corrosion and scoring
  • • Protection from stick-slip
  • • Good anti-corrosion properties
  • • Reduces formation of fretting corrosion
  • • Simplifies dismantling processes
  • • High surface-covering capacity (40 m2/kg)

How to use

Clean the sliding surfaces or contact areas, then apply paste with a brush, cloth, synthetic sponge or window leather. Do not use in excess as with grease lubrication. Vigorous rubbing into metal surface will improve adhesion. Do not mix with greases or oils.

Usable life and storage

When stored between 0°C and 40°C in the original unopened containers, this product has a usable life of 60 months from the date of production.


This product is available in different standard container sizes. Detailed container size information should be obtained from your nearest MOLYKOTE® sales office or MOLYKOTE® distributor

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