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OKS 2101/ OKS 2101 Blue Anti-corrosion Wax Coating


Temporary wax-based corrosion protection film for preservation of machine parts with bare metal surfaces during storage and shipping. For bare metal surfaces of all kinds, which are stored for longer periods and are subject to effects of weathering (industrial atmosphere, tropics, and ocean).


To protect finely machined metal surfaces such as tools, dies, moulds including Plastic injection moulds, spare parts, machines etc., against corrosion during storage and transport, even under industrial atmosphere, tropical climate and marine conditions. Ideal stand by and storage protection for spare parts with possibility of direction installation. Easily removable coating (e.g. with OKS 2600 / OKS 2601).

Advantages and benefits

• The film is very thin, colorless and dry. On request, the product can also be delivered in blue colour.
• Highly effective due to good film-forming properties.
Excellent suited for producing dry to the touch, clean protective films.
• Outstanding corrosion and oxidation protection with lubricating effect.
• No degreasing prior to commissioning, as compatible with all lubricants.
• Waterproof and resistant to weathering. Suitable for all climate zones.
• The product does not harm rubber and plastic
• Free from Chlorinated solvents Good compatibility with lubricants.

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