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OKS 250 White Allround Paste, Metal Free


Klübersynth CHX 2-220 is a high-temperature oil especially developed with the know-how of a leading automotive paint manufacturer. Due to its compatibility with modern cathodic immersion paint systems it increases process reliability for the operator. Information on paint compatibility tests and their results can be obtained on request. The new type of ester base oil offers better resistance to ageing, and any residues are dissolved by relubrication with fresh oil. Residue formation is low, which means less maintenance and repairs.

Benefits for your application

– Improved process reliability due to tested compatibility with modern cathodic immersion paint systems
– Lower lubricant consumption due to very good resistance to oxidation and ageing
– Low residue formation, soluble in fresh oil, reducing maintenance and repair costs
– Long chain life due to very good wear protection, reducing investment and repair costs


Klübersynth CHX 2-220 was developed for chain lubrication at high temperatures from 120 °C to approx. 250 °C. The product is used for the lubrication of the conveyor chain and the oven chain in cathodic immersion painting as well as for all other chain applications in the car body paint section

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