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OKS 265 Chuk Jaw Paste

Areas of Application

Long-term lubrication of dirt-sensitive sliding points under vibration stresses. Particularly suitable for lubricating chucks on tool machines. Broad range of uses at stress-loaded parts, also at contact with cooling lubricants. Lubrication of control and drive mechanisms. Can be used at filling, labelling and packaging machines.

Advantages and Benefits

Resistant to water, steam and aqueous cooling lubricants. Prevents frictional corrosion reliably. Highly effective due to optimum solid lubricant combination. Minimal consumption due to formation of highly effective lubricating films.

Technical specifications

Operating temperature : -45 °C → +110 °C.
Four-ball test rig (welding load) : 4,200 N.
Thread friction (M10/8,8) : µ total = 0.10.

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