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OKS 2901 Belt Tuning, Spray

Fields of Application

Increases tensile force by up to 50 % for all kinds of V-belts, round and flat belts on fans, compressors, pumps, ventilators, mills etc. Protects against drying out and wear, prevents belt squeaking and slip.

Advantages and Benefits

Clean, light-coloured film for increasing tensile strength and car of many kinds of belts.


For optimum results clean belt carefully, best way is to clean mechanically first and then with Universal Cleaner OKS 2610/2611. Spray evenly on the belt. Let product take effect for approx. 30 min. before use. If necessary, repeat application. Belts made of SBR and CR are not compatible to OKS 2901. For further questions please contact our Technical Department.

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